Advanced Pulse Light System

Skin Toning & Photorejuvenation



Fractional IPL Technology

Plexus FPL is an Advanced Pulse Light System utilising innovative and patented fractional technology for photorejuvenation.

Traditional IPL is well established as an excellent treatment for skin pigmentation and rejuvenation. Plexus FPL has advanced this technology to make it safer and more versatile. It can be used for the treatment of pigmented lesions, vascular lesions and acne using wavelengths of 415nm, 560nm and 640nm in once device.

ULTRA FAST TREATMENTS: Plexus FPL can operate at 1Hz, 3Hz or 5Hz making it one of the fastest systems on the market.

PRE-SET PROTOCOLS: Depending on the application Plexus FPL has pre-set protocols and settings based on in-depth clinical evaluation to ensure optimal settings and results for every treatment. It is user friendly with built in safety parameters.


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    SKIN TONING & BRIGHTENING: Utilising a 415nm wavelength, fractional technology and low depth penetration with high absorption in melanin and haemoglobin, it is an excellent treatment for lightening skin tone.

    SKIN REJUVENATION: The patented Fractional Pulsed Light technology ensures maximum safety and minimum side effects. A unique combination treatment using 415nm and 560nm offers impressive results on skin rejuventation. Plexus FPL is also effective for treating mild to moderate acne.


    How it Works


    FRACTIONAL TECHNOLOGY: Maximum safety is achieved by Lattice technology based on fractional delivery of light.

    MULTIPLE WAVELENGTHS IN ONE HANDPIECE: Traditional IPL systems require different hand pieces for different wavelengths. Plexus FPL incorporates an innovative and patented technology of selecting various wavelengths by adjusting a rotator on a single hand peice. This reduces your costs and increases ease of use particularly with our combination protocols.

    STABLE ENERGY OUTPUT: Using high quality advanced power supply technology Plexus FPL ensures a stable energy output ensuring safe operation and maximises results from treatment.

    CONTROLLED INTEGRATED COOLING: The semiconductor based cooling of Plexus FPL can be controlled by the user interface screen and maintains a constant temperature once set. This advanced cooling minimises discomfort and side effects to protect the skin.



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    Before & After Images


    *Results may vary from patient to patient


    LIGHT SOURCE Split (Intense) Pulsed Light (Xenon lamp)
    WAVELENGTH 415~950nm / 560~950nm / 640~950nm
    Option: 640~1 / 200nm / 695~1 / 200nm / 755~1 / 200nm
    FLUENCE 5~40J / cm2
    SPOT SIZE 14.3 x 42.6mm
    PULSE SEQUENCE Single, Double, Triple Pulses, SHR mode
    PULSE DURATION 2.0~35.0ms
    PULSE DELAY 3.0~60.0ms
    REPETITION RATE 1Hz, 3Hz, 5Hz (Per Second)
    LIGHT CONDUCTION Quartz / Sapphire Coupling
    COOLING Approx. Up to 5°C – Adjustable
    POWER SUPPLY 220V / 16A, 50 / 60Hz
    DIMENSIONS 360(D) x 520(L) x 1230(H)mm